City buses

We produce city type buses for passenger transportation on a certain route with stops

Buses are equipped with a stop information system that provides voice announcements of stops as well as visual information about stops using route indicators at the front, side, rear and interior of the bus. As an option, a video surveillance system is available to record the driver's seat, the bus door and the road direction.

We offer two variants of the passenger compartment configuration. In one case, all passengers are transported in comfortable seats with fixed or adjustable backs, The number of seats available for this case is 10 to 22. The other configuration for some passenger provides standing places. The passenger capacity does not exceed 22, including 10 to 19 seats.

City type buses can be equipped with low floor at the front or rear, making it easier for wheelchairs to enter. The buses are equipped with passenger counting systems.

Low floor back

Low floor middle