Wheelchair buses

We offer vehicle with wheelchairs designed to transport people with disabilities

Capacity is 9 to 22 passengers and we offer three versions of the interior:

  1. The most comprehensive, but also the most expensive version with special Flexus2 folding seats and FlexusPro swivel seats, which are mounted on aluminum floor with elongated profiles. This allows you to easily and quickly transform interior, adapting to the situation and the required number of seats / wheelchairs.

  2. The second option involves installing SEGE or UNIVERSAL LTD seats on standard floor. Some of the seats can be fitted in the rear of the cabin with quick-release devices. This option is cheaper, but not as universal as the first one.

  3. The cheapest and least versatile option includes installation of UNI-40 / UNI-41 bus seats on standard bus floor.

Any of these options involves installation of one or more wheelchairs. There are handles along the sides of the bus and behind the driver, and an additional electrically operated footrest is fitted to the passenger door. The rear doors can be equipped with a wheelchair ramp or a wheelchair hydraulic lift. The seat cushions can be selected with a special antiseptic coating.